We are aware of some of the issues that other cities have faced. To build on their experience and make sure that Bristol’s scheme is the most effective possible, Bristol City Council, in conjunction with NHS Bristol, commissioned the Bristol Social Marketing Centre at the University of the West of England to carry out a study looking at the best way to make this change in order to achieve the highest success rate.

We are using the recommendations of their report to help inform the roll out of the schemes. The success of the pilot schemes and the positive feedback we received from local residents confirms that the vast majority of Bristol residents wish to see calmer speeds on their high streets and residential roads. The main concern that people express is that they don’t think other people will stick to it. It took 12 years of the ‘Clunk Click Every Trip’ campaign before front seat belts became legally compulsory in 1983. It took five years to build public support for smoke-free workplaces and public places. It is likely to take time before calm speeds become normal for Bristol but it will happen.