Do you want to support 20mph on your street and in your city?

Driving at 20mph

The first and most important way you can support 20mph is to drive at 20mph.
As more residents make the conscious decision to change their driving style and keep to 20mph, this will become the norm in Bristol.

One of the top reasons for exceeding 20mph is to keep up with other drivers:  be the other driver and help relieve the pressure to keep traffic moving at speeds that are unsafe for all.

Drive at 20mph not only in your street, but along all 20mph streets, the streets where people, work, play and shop.

Become a Pace Car

Email for a free 20mph A Little Bit Slower. A Whole Lot Better car sticker to put in your car window.

By driving at 20mph and displaying the car sticker in your rear windscreen, you will act as a pace car. When people are driving behind you they will see the sticker and understand why you are driving at 20mph.

Top ten tips to stay within the speed limit-

Attend the Road Smart driver training course

This is a FREE course provided by the police to help drivers of all ages to improve their driving skills. Visit for more information.

Driving for Work? See our Get Involved – Workplaces page