20mph in the UK

Most of major cities in the UK are introducing 20mph including Portsmouth, Newcastle, Oxford, Bath, Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool and many more. Nearly 50 local authorities have already seen the benefits of slower speed limits.  Some local authorities for some examples.

These organisations work across the country to campaign for  and support the introduction of 20mph speed limits. The websites below are fantastic resource for those living in Bristol who want to know more about the benefits of 20mph or if you live outside of Bristol and want to find out how 20mph can be introduce where you live.


Visit BRAKE the road safety charity, to see what they are doing to support the 20mph limits and how you can get involved. You can download the GO 20 toolkit which includes posters, adverts and leaflets.

20 Plenty’s For Us

20’s Plenty for Us is a ‘not for profit’ organisation and has 300 local campaigns across the country and continue to support the cities in the UK have already adopted a 20mph limit for most of their streets. Extensive online briefing sheets on benefits of 20mph and how to take action.