Respondents were also asked about their support for 20mph speed limits. Headline results from those who responded to the following questions in the summer’s 20mph Review revealing:

  • 95% of the people support 20mph outside schools
  • 74% of people support 20mph on residential roads
  • 44% of people support 20mph on main roads.

90 specific roads were identified for review from information gathered through Councillors, the public and stakeholders and through the UWE Monitoring Report (BRITE), since the introduction of the scheme in 2012.  Respondents could state their preference of speed for each road and give their reasons; there was also space to comment on ‘any other road’ so not limiting people to the ones chosen.

For each of the 90 roads identified for review, evidence was considered for each unique case, in terms of:

  • public opinion/perspective/experience
  • changes to roads/environments/ landuse
  • speed data

On roads where the speed data was higher than 24mph for both ATC and/or Strategis on 20mph roads or lower than 24mph on 30mph these were flagged.

Within the consultation there was also the opportunity to name ‘other roads’ and make comments accordingly stating whether they wanted to retain the current speed limit and provide a reason. In total a further 357 roads were identified (mostly by one person each, although some were repeated by others) and have been categorised into the following actions based on comments received:

  • Investigate speeds
  • No action required
  • Out of scope

Those that were identified to ‘Investigate Speeds’ needed no change after speed data analysis was performed.